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The website for the "Hardware Hacking Handbook" book by Jasper van Woudenberg and Colin O'Flynn. Features errata, downloads, and more!

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About the Hardware Hacking Handbook

The Hardware Hacking Handbook brings advanced hardware hacking techniques into your life. Along the way it touches on many aspects of hardware hacking. You can read more about the book from the Official No Starch Press page.

This companion site is a very lightweight place to hold links to the resources we reference in the book. This includes information about running the practical examples along with errors we discovered (or were told about) too late to fix in the book.

Running Practical Examples

Numerous examples make reference to a “Jupyter Notebook”. To get started, download and start the virtual machine, and connect to http://localhost:8888. The default password is ‘123456hhh’.

For more details see the Jupyter Notebook repository.

Many of these notebooks are based on the open-source ChipWhisperer project, and can use some of that hardware to run examples on physical embedded systems.


See the Errata page for a list of our failures.

Buying the Book?

Sure why not.